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Shipping and Return Policy

                                                                                             Shipping  Policy
Vaihari Ayurveda Is One Of The Best Ayurvedic Cpmpany Who Manufactured All Of The Products Which Is Mentioned In Our Website www.vaihariayurveda.com.  The People Who Wants To Purchese The Product Then They Have To Follow Some Of Our Shipping Ploicy. 
1) Customer Can Purchase The Product Such As Body Maker , Shaktiwardhak , Slimolyme  , Gastobam  ,Dardobam  ,  Laicozyme  , Shaktiwardhak  Mass and  Amarsudh  Amrit And Other Products  On The Bessed  On His Requirment.
2)All The Information About Product Is Avaible On Our Website www.vaihariayurveda.com   Please Read It Carefully And  When You Insured Then You Can Purched Any Product.
3)Please Read the all information about  the product such as product price , mrp price ,  manufacturing time ,  and dilivery time to your doorstep .
4)Please Mention Your Problem  In Detail And Also Mention Your Age , Weight , And Your Height Because All Of The Product Of Vaihari Ayurveda Is Besed On Your This Information.
5)Your have to also  mention your name , city , state , and your postal  code in the inquiry  section .
6)All Of The Discount On Product Is Also Mention  With The Product.If You Purched This Product And Make Payment About This Then You Have To Mention A Copy Of Payment Which Is Either Online Or Ofline Or COD.
7)You Can Know All The Infirmation About Product Purched To Dilivery To Your Doorstem By Calling To Out Business Associates  By Dailing Our Customer care no:8544088823  And You Can Know From My Website www.vaihariayurved.com .
8)Our Customer Associates  Will Informed  You When Your Product Will Reached To Your Nearest  courier  Dilivery  Centre  or  Nearest  Post Office And Also  Dilivery Man Or   Postman Dilivered Your Parcel To Your Doorstep  BUT In Rural Aeras  You Have To Go  To The Nearest Post Office  Sometimes To Take Your Product Dilivery On Time By The Refrance Of Your Product Shipping Consignment Number And Have To Contact Your Postman To The Nearest Post Office.
9)In The Full Course Duration you have to once in a week to give feedback  & response  about product and also  inprovement  response .
10)If Any Customer Wants To Returned Our Product After Product Dilivery Then You Have To Returned This With A Safe And Secured Manners Or Packet As Same As  You Recived The Product From The Company . Any Dammaged Parcel Will Not Refundable Or You Have Not Right To Claim For Your Money Recovery.
11)When The Company Recived Your Parcel To Returned You Have Get A Confirmation Call Form Our Business Associate And Your Money Will Refunded To You  In The Form Of Money Orders or Your Account.
                                                                                            Returned  Policy
As you know that all our products are prepared according to the needs of our customers. However, if there is any kind of complaint related to our product, then you can return that product according to certain rules.

1)The first way to return a product is that you should keep the purchase slip of your product, which is the proof related to the purchase of the product for you. This slip can be asked from you while returning the product .

2)If the product you purchased is delivered to you in a very safe manner, then keep in mind that the product should be safe and packed when returning the product.

3)Explain the reason for returning the product clearly so that we can assist you. Without any right reason, there will be no return of the product and there will be no refund of any kind of money. The reason for returning the product has to be clearly shown.

4)You can send the product you want to return to my office at Vahari Ayurveda Private Limited 19 Raghopur City-Bihta Dist-Patna Bihar(801103) through speed post. After receiving the parcel, our customer service officer will reply to you in 2 or 3 business days .

5)There will be a return by our company in the same way that the parcel is completely broken or torn, the wrong supplement is gone, there is a complaint related to the billing and price of the parcel, then you want to return it.

6)If you want to return the product of our company, then the company will give you another product for the same money, and if you want to return the money, then the product price will be refunded to you after deducting the price and service charge of the company and the process charge of the company .

7)If you want a refund money for the returned product, then after the approval of the refund by the company Pay Refund and Complied Department, the payment of your value will be transferred to your bank account in 8 to 10 working days . You will not have to pay any additional cost for this .

8)Our customers can contact our Customer Service Officer from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday to Thursday for any kind of assistance on our Customer Care No- 8544088823  and you can email me at  info@vihariyurveda.com . Every Friday is a weekly close of our office, so your calls or complaints will not be heard on that day, we are sorry for that.

9)All our customers are god for us and it has always been our company's pursuit to provide the best possible facilities to our customers. And all our customers are requested to read the return of the police thoroughly while procuring the product and returning the product so that there is no dilemma of any kind while returning the product .

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Vaihari Ayurveda Is One Of The Best Ayurvedic Company In India.Which Provides You a Best Ayurvedic And Herbal products To Your Doorstep And Make free From Many Problems.
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