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Terms & Conditions

->All customers of Vihari Ayurveda have certain main conditions of purchase and return which all have to abide by. If a customer does not follow the rules of our company then all the facilities provided by the company will be immediately banned.

->Any work in our company is done with a written document. For purchase, a receipt is given along with the purchase price and GST which is required to be maintained carefully. The company will not recognize any purchase or complaint without any documentation.

->If you buy any product from our company, take full information about it or read it from our website or talk to our Customer Service Executives. Only after taking complete information, buy a product such as the time of consumption , timing and its quantity.

->If you buy the product through online payment from our website, then it is necessary to provide the relevant documents related to the payment and along with that you have to give your full address so that we can deliver the product to you correctly, safely and timily.

->If you want to pay for the product after getting the It, then you can take advantage of our cash on delivery(COD). In this, you can give your required information by visiting our website or you can place an order by calling our number.

->If you make a purchase through online payment, you have to give a payment slip or if you make a purchase cash on delivery, you will have to pay the total price written on the product while taking the product, otherwise you will be denied the product.

->On the purchase of any kind of product from our company, we promise to deliver the purchased product to you safely and completely packed. If you find a product impaired you can return it back to the company. You will be given another product in return .

->Every 8 to 10 days during the consumption of any of our products, you have to consult our customer care executives and talked about the benefits and merits of the product. If there is any kind of complaint, then you can talk to our Customer Care Executive and file a complaint. we will try to resolve your complaint as soon as possible .

->We request all our customers to treat our company's customer care executives in good and decent manner. Your call will be disconnected if you use any wrong activity or improper words.

->With appropriate conditions, Vihari Ayurveda wishes you and your family a happy and healthy life and hopes that our customers also fulfill this condition and join us in this vast field of Ayurveda and get the right benefits of Ayurvedic products. Will be able to We thank all of you customers wholeheartedly and hope that they always remain healthy and wealthy in their lives .

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Vaihari Ayurveda Is One Of The Best Ayurvedic Company In India.Which Provides You a Best Ayurvedic And Herbal products To Your Doorstep And Make free From Many Problems.
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